Dust containment – Safety in accordance with the EC norm

Belt tracking- Reliability of belt conveyors

Responses and guarantees to your expectations and your needs

Dust containment
Personal safety
Belt tracking
Reliability of belt conveyors
  • Optim’® eliminates loss of materials and contains dust within conveyors
  • Optim’® centers the belts onto conveyors perfectly
  • Optim’® protects the nip angles of pulleys and rollers
  • Optim’® does away with or reduces cleaning and maintenance costs as far as possible
  • Optim’® drastically reduces belt replacements even in the most difficult cases

OFC® is committed:

Nowadays, each investment – small or large – must be successful and must lead to the expected objective with an ever shorter amortization period.
OFC® is committed to durably optimizing your installations and making your investments more reliable.

Thanks to its expertise acquired over several years in various areas of application, OFC® gives you guaranteed results for each of its products.

Investing should not be a risk for you. OFC® secures your investments.